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Secure Document Upload

Loan Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying for financing with Riviera Financial using our secure and encrypted portal.

To begin the application process:

1.) Apply Online, or download, print and complete the Loan Application PDF (You will be asked to upload this form below).

2.) Please download the Borrower Authorization PDF Form ((you will need to sign and upload below).

3.) Please complete the form below and upload all financial documents required for the loan process.

4.) Once you have completed the form, remember to check the “I Accept” checkbox, verify the reCAPTCHA and press the SUBMIT button to submit the form. Please wait until you have received a confirmation below the form with a success message before exiting the page.

REMEMBER: We need all pages of all documents without any redactions. 

CONTACT US: If you need assistance, please contact us.

    Borrower Information

    Transaction Details

    Property Type

    All Files

    To Upload Files: Drag files from your computer one by one onto into the empty space for each form and release. Or, select the "Browse Files" and you can upload multiple files at once. Files that are successfully uploaded will show a green progress bar.

    Salaried Applicants

    Self Employed Applicants

    Miscellaneous Documents


    Property Documentation

    Agreement to Terms

    Please wait for the confirmation message after submitting form.
    Make sure to check your inbox for a confirmation.

    Privacy & Security Disclaimer: Your information is submitted through encrypted secure end to end communication channels.